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Desensitizers To Help Men Last Longer At Sex

Desensitizers To Help Men Last Longer At Sex

Welcome Gentlemen, do you want to last longer in bed? Does it seem like you just get started with your girlfriend or wife, only to wind up finished far too soon? Is premature ejaculation affecting your confidence and self-esteem?

This is common amongst men who suffer from this problem. Unfortunately, not lasting long during a lovemaking session can wind up affecting your relationship as well.

There are many tricks and tips out there that claim to be able to help men who ejaculate too quickly. While some of them are gimmicks, there are others that do have merit. There are even a couple that have the medical community and relationship experts beginning to talk. The products making folks sit up and take notice are desensitizer creams and sprays.

Desensitizing Can Help – Especially Extreme Cases

Desensitizer creams, sprays and gels aren’t just for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. Even if you simply want to last longer and get the most enjoyment out of sex, these products can easily work for you. Good sex is an important part of your relationship, and wanting to last longer during a lovemaking session shows you are as concerned about her as you are about yourself.

Types Of Penis Desensitizer Products

Three main types of desensitizers exist: gel, spray and cream. For most men it comes down to individual preference. It might be a good idea to try both to see which one feels better and offers the best performance.

  1. Sprays

Spray desensitizing products come in small, pump-action containers that make them easy and precise in application. You can apply as much or as little as you want, and can start with just a small amount and then build up.

Lidocaine is the active ingredient in sprays that help men have longer lovemaking sessions and better orgasms at the end. Sometimes benzocaine is used in its place, but they both have the same effect. Lidocaine is an anaesthetic that is safe and effective; you’ve probably already experienced it if you have ever had dental work done.

Most men use a condom when they use a spray desensitizer. This helps to prevent the product from having a desensitizing effect on the vaginal walls. The sprays help by preventing premature ejaculation and allowing a session to go on as long as both people desire.

  1. Creams

Creams that help men extend the time they are able to have sex work much the same way the sprays do. They slow down orgasm by slightly decreasing sensation with the use of lidocaine or benzocaine. The creams come in a bottle and have easy and quick application. Creams were one of the first topical products on the market that claimed to help men last longer in bed. For that reason, more men have experience with creams than with the other transdermal treatments. Creams continue to be popular year after year, because they are comfortable and easy to apply and they reliably work.

  1. Gels

Look for gels that have a 100 percent absorption rate. These won’t leave any residue, and are very popular as desensitizers that help men last longer at sex. Oh, and they go to work fast. How fast? Some of them begin working in two minutes or less.

Start Enjoying A Great Sex Life Again!

One of the fantastic things about using desensitizers to help men last longer at sex is that you can take care of your premature ejaculation right away. You don’t have to wait until a pill or diet goes to work. You basically get instant results, which is why they are not just a favourite of men but of girlfriends and wives as well.


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