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About us

Naughty But Nice is a whole new world of adult fun!

Since the middle of 1996, Naughty but Nice has been Queensland’s market leader in the adult retail industry in Queensland. Often referred to as a sleezy industry, Naughty but nice has single handedly turned it into a flourishing, professional and fantastic shopping experience for all adults.

With a philosophy centered on keeping couples together and bringing to Brisbane a whole new world of adult fun, we have evolved far from the cluttered little hidden adult store of the past.

From our humble beginnings at Nundah, in Brisbane’s north, to today’s chain of megastores, superstores and gift stores, Naughty but nice has grown to lead the way in revitalising the adult retail industry.

With 5 wonderful stores strategically placed all over Brisbane, it’s easy to see that Naughty but nice is the market leader when it comes to convenience, variety, friendliness and value-for-money!

Find out for yourself why – Naughty but nice is a whole new world of adult fun!