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Caring For Your New Product


Please take some time to read the following information regarding the hygiene, safety and maintenance of your brand new adult product.  Using the incorrect lubricants, failing to clean your product or storing it incorrectly can all lead to problems, whether that's a shorter life span, distortion of your product or the risk of personal infection.


Many sex toys come with cleaning instructions, so make sure to look out for anything unique to your toy that these tips might not cover.

Even if your product is for personal use only (and not shared with a partner) Toy Cleaner is a necessity.  Products that are cleaned with a Toy Cleaner after each use will remain free of bacteria and last longer.  Without the use of Toy Cleaner the product material can degrade or become discoloured.  The use of household soaps, detergents and anti-bacterial gels are unsuitable for most products and the sensitive and delicate regions of the body. 


Despite advances in design and technology, any sex toy is considered a foreign object in the body and should be used with a personal lubricant that has been formulated with the correct ingredients for internal use. 

When it comes to use with adult toys, water based lubricant is second to none.  All water based lubricants (including flavoured, cooling and warming varieties) are compatible with sex toy products of all materials. Water based lubricants might not last as long before getting a little tacky, but adding a little more water or lube easily solves this.  

Basically, regardless of what your product is made of, water based lubricant is a safe choice.

Silicone based lubricants are fine on products made of hard materials, like hard plastic, aluminium, ceramic, steel, granite, wood, marble, etc. They will keep things nice and slick while you are playing with your partner, your toys, or even both.

Oil based lubes should not be used internally (they can coat the anus or vagina, and prevent your body from properly cleaning itself) they shouldn’t be used on sex toy products. Regardless of the sex toy product material, oil based products (including baby oil, unscented massage oil, coconut oil & olive oil) should be kept away from your sex toy products.


Many of the products available at Naughty But Nice are intended for operation by battery.  Most products are still relatively delicate and require a low powered battery in order to preserve the adult toy’s anticipated lifespan.  A common mistake is using high powered lithium or rechargeable batteries, however, these battery types only overwork your adult product’s delicate internal motor, which can weaken the intensity of your product’s function and shorten the anticipated lifespan.  We recommend the removal of batteries when your product is not in use, this will preserve battery life and avoid damage from leaking batteries.


If the product has a warranty it is recommended that any warranty registrations are completed with the manufacturer (usually online) as soon as possible.  


Finally, storing your adult products in a cool dry place, away from other silicone toys is important. It is recommended to keep each product in a separate lint free bag.  For privacy, there are lockable boxes & toy bags available at Naughty But Nice, these keep them safe and away from prying eyes.


  • Use a toy cleaner to extend the life of the product
  • Soaps do not kill bacteria on the product
  • Oil based lubes are harmful to both body and product
  • Water-based lubricants are best to use internally & safe for all products
  • Lithium and rechargeable batteries are too strong for most vibrators
  • Use only heavy duty batteries with your adult product
  • Register any product warranties with the manufacturer as soon as possible
  • Store your products so they are not in contact with each other in a cool, dry place

Now that you’ve taken the time to review the above information you’re ready to enjoy your new adult product for many years to come. If you have any further queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff members at Naughty But Nice Capalaba or Cannon Hill.