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Touch or Kiss? The choice is yours!

Looking for the perfect gift for your special someone?

Introducing the Dona Massage Kit Range! APHRODISIAC and PHEROMONE infused massage oils, these are a must have in any bedroom!

For those who like a taste, the Let Me Kiss You Set comes with THREE kissable flavours: Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Buttercream and Strawberry Souffle.

Whilst those who like to TOUCH can enjoy the Let me Touch You Set, in 3 sensual aromas: Flirty (Blushing Berry), Sassy (Tropical Tease) and Naughty (Sinful Spring).

Long-lasting and non greasy, whether you want to transform your lover into a sensual dessert, or be irresistible to touch: the Dona Massage range has something for everyone:

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