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Sinful Fetish Whip - Pink A Sexy Flogger for Frisky Fun

Sinful Fetish Whip - Pink A Sexy Flogger for Frisky Fun

Get kinky in pink with the Sinful line. A sexy flogger for frisky fun. For both lighter users and more hardcore ones alike, this whip gives a just the right amount of pain or pleasure depending on your preference. Abundant suede leather tails are encased by a durable pink vinyl handle. A handy loop at the top of the handle makes for easy storage and/or display. Light yet sturdy. Each strand combines for a soft bite response to a willing partner.

This versatile 38 cm long Sinful Whip can inspire all sorts of play with a hard-hitting experience that raises endorphins through some powerful impact play with some whisper-soft sensation mixed in as the tails trail softly over skin. This whip lets you mix it up easily so your subject never knows what's coming next.

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