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Demoniq Ursel Black Dress & Thong L/XL


The Ursel set is a combines a sexy dress and strings forming a close-knit duo that provokes sharp frolics, whilst clearly implying who determines the tone of the playground.

The dress smartly shows the neckline and emphasizes the shape of visible buttocks which reinforce the saucy look of the black ribbon strings. Interesting and alluring the exposed back is attractive with black ribbons and interesting intersecting lines.

The elastic material of this specially contoured dress make it fit the body perfectly, emphasizing its lines and shapes. The bare back and buttocks playfully interact with a tight, black, glossy fabric over the hips and breasts black through which you can see their shape.

Set include:

  • Dress
  • Thong


  • Flexible and resilient materials with elastane - a perfect fit to the body
  • Pleasant to the touch material - comfort
  • Close-fitting contoured body shape - good look and comfort
  • The notches on the buttocks and neck - a sexy look
  • High-quality materials - the convenience and durability
  • Metallic accessories in the colour silver - durability and impressive detail
  • Reinforcing stitching in critical areas - sustainability

Colour: black

Size:  L/XL

The composition of underwear: 95% polyester, 5% elastane

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