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Perfect Fit Collections - Anal Fetish - Anal Kit


Anal Fetish Collection When it comes to anal toys and butt plugs, Perfect Fit is on the leading edge of innovation. Try these best sellers and you’ll see why we had to patent our design.

Master Plug 
– For that plugged feeling – and you can sit on it
Hump Gear 
– Patented Hump Gear is the ultimate penetrable butt plug 
Tunnel Plug 
– Open up the possibilities 

Master Plug
  • Can be used with 1/2” or 3/4” straps or used without straps
  • Two-part molding process creates a comfortable and thin stem at the base
  • Flexible and strong design
  • Crafted from TPR with a polypropylene inner core
  • Product dimensions:
    • Medium circumference: 5.7”
    • Medium insertion length: 3.75”
Hump Gear
  • Can be used to aid penetration
  • Acts as an anchor to hold itself in place for independence
  • Creates very little friction
  • Design incorporates internal ribbing for both partners
  • Stretchable, soft, and strong that can contour to fit anatomy
  • Crafted from SilaSkin mix of silicone and TPR
  • Product dimensions:
    • insertion length: 6”
    • Interior circumference: 2.25”
Tunnel Plug
  • Tunnel hole goes all the way through the plug for various play
  • Intriguing clear design
  • Crafted from TPR
  • Product dimensions:
    • Circumference: 2.5”
    • Length: 6.3”

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