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Jock Armour Harness Black Waistband Large

Jock Armour Harness Black Waistband Large

Rock Out With Your Cock Out! Jock Armour is a new concept in hybrid gear that cannot be categorized. The Jock Strap features a contoured bodyfit cock ring that fits your anatomy like a second skin. And it pushes your gear out for a bigger and thicker looking package. The heart of this new jock is the cock ring which is an integrated part of the jockstrap. The Jock Armour delivers with all day comfort and features a perineum bulb at the base for that extra jolt of pleasure! Jock Armour features etched details which add to the uber sexiness of the jock. Jock Armour is a patent pending innovation by Perfect Fit. The pouch is made of spandex/nylon fabric and is held in place by 3 snaps, so you can remove it quickly and get ready for some action. Jock Armour is made of PFBlend which is a proprietary blend of Silicone and TPR developed to provide superior stretch, comfort and durability. The opening is (1.7”/38mm) and is safe with water based lubes. Large is for waist sizes 34-36 inches.

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