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The High Rize Suck Master is a game changer offering a number of features guaranteed to help you reach the ultimate climax. The features including Suction, Vibration, Heating and a Virtual Voice. Headphones and a Suction Cup Attachment are also included.

Full channel heating. If using the heating feature of the Suck Master, it must be connected to a power source the heating rod will start heating within 10 seconds and will reach a heat of 45 degrees. The recommended heating time is 1 minute.

Suction and Vibration is controlled by a single motor, each feature with its own separate button. 7 vibration patterns and 5 suction modes. Each accommodating to a number of intensities perfect for all.

If intimate moaning helps you achieve climax the Suck Master is for you. Listen to the sexy moans allowed or privately with the headphones provided.

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