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FirmTech MaxPR 


The FirmTech Max Performance Ring (MaxPR) is our latest penis ring created for longer-lasting erections and more intense orgasms. Designed for men who want a tighter ring, with more pressure on the urethra, this erection ring provides a snug fit. Unlike out advanced Tech Ring, the MaxPR does not include any technological features. Loop it around the base of your penis and testicles to enjoy heightened pleasure during intimate moments.  


Ergonomically designed. Easy on, easy off with hook and latch. 
Trusted by urologists. 
Medical grade Elastomer 
1 size fits most men (except above 95% in girth) 
Can be worn for one hour.
Compatible w/ water based lubricants.

Important Information

In some circumstances products will be shipped directly from our retail stores. It is our store policy to have products hygienically tested by experienced staff on arrival in store to ensure they are in working order before being offered for sale.

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