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Envy Microfiber Magnetic G String E042 M/L Red

Ideal for a strip tease, put on your music and take off your clothes until you get down to the G-String. Undo the magnetic clasp at the side and flash a bit of your manhood, after all it's a tease, right? Do it a few times until your lover can't take it anymore and release the clasp to let the G-String drop!

The microfiber material is stretchy and creates a snug fit that holds the G-String in place between cheeks and across hips. A high cut leaves cheeks bare with only a string to outline them while a front panel forms a pouch to cup and support manhood. Microfiber material is breathable and wicks moisture away, creating a comfortable effect that keeps your balls dry and odour-free with a wonderfully soft and silky feel against skin.

From the Envy line of underwear for men, this sexy G-string is part of their Core Collection. it aims to prove that sexy and fun, stylish underwear isn't just for the ladies and they've got an extensive selection to choose from.

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