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Adam and Eve - Scarlet Couture Nylon Rope Flogger - 22"

Adam and Eve - Scarlet Couture Nylon Rope Flogger - 22"


The Adam & Eve Bondage Rope Flogger is just what you need to give your lover the treatment they deserve – whether they’ve been naughty or nice!

- Perfect introduction to discipline and sensation
- Punish your lover with a firm flogging
- Reward your lover with a playful teasing
- Easily vary the sensation by how lightly or how strong you whip
- Measures 1 inch wide and 22 inches long
- Made from durable nylon

The versatile Rope Flogger can deliver a wide array of sensations from playful to stinging – creating a gentle and easy introduction to the world of BDSM.

You can easily vary just how you hit by adjusting your wrist. Keep your wrist straight and your arm slow for a light playful tap distinguished by a slight swishing sound. Or snap your wrist back for a sharp and stinging snap.

You can also use the flogger as a teaser by gently running the nylon strands over and around your lover’s nipples, clit and other erogenous zones. The cumulative effect feels similar to several feather ticklers being used at once.

The rope flogger measures 1 inch wide across the handle and 22 inches long, not including the wrist loop on the end. The flogger is made up of 10 separate nylon cords with their ends frayed to soften the blows. The sex toy is made from nylon.

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