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4 Tips For Your First Adult Retail Shop Trip

If you've never been into one of our stores or any adult retail here are a few tips I found online that might be helpful and pretty accurate especially point 2. Our staff are trained and want to help you find the product that suits you.

4 Tips For Your First Adult Retail Shop Trip

If you are interested in buying sex toys, condoms, bondage material, lingerie, lube, porn or anything else that may serve to change your sex life, then a adult retail shop is where you want to be.

If you have never been inside a adult retail shop, then you may have visions of S&M, scantily-clad women or even filth and grime. You couldn't be more wrong. Sex shops look like any other store, except that the products they sell happen to revolve solely around sex.

So if you're ready to head on down to a shop to do some browsing, and perhaps even make a purchase, here are some suggestions you may want to consider first.

1- Don't pass judgment

When you walk into the shop and the salesperson says, "Hi," reciprocate the greeting. This isn't a covert operation; there's a demand for these shops, otherwise they wouldn't exist.

As well, don't pass judgment on other shoppers; they may be newcomers or veterans, but regardless, a adult retail shop client is not a whore or a gigolo. And neither are you. But even if you were, people wouldn't know it just because you're at a adult retail shop.

2- Consult a salesperson

The people who work at adult retail shops are familiar with all the products in the store, so don't be shy — ask for help. Sex toys can get expensive, so you should be well-informed before you make any purchase; I'm pretty sure there's a no-return policy.

And if you don't understand the purpose of a certain item, again, feel free to ask.

3- Act natural

If you think something is comical, it's OK to show it. The first time that I went to a adult retail shop, I laughed a whole lot, but I did so discreetly. Don't worry; the salespeople are used to it. Even if you think you've seen everything, you haven't. Nothing is shameful.

4- Head there when it's empty

While there is no guarantee that there won't be anyone there at any given time, weekends and evenings will usually reap more clients than, say, early Tuesday morning. If you're painfully shy about going to a sex shop for the first time, try heading there on a weekday so that you can fully understand how the establishment works.

shop till you flop

Sometimes a new outlook on sex can make your bedroom experience that much better, and where better to search for that outlook than at a adult retail shop? Even if you don't want to buy anything, heading there with your partner could serve to give you new ideas.

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